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Trader Resources

Voice Chat and Information Sources

DISCLAIMER: By no means is this page a comprehensive list of all sites of use to active traders, nor does being listed here convey my endorsement of any of these sites nor the endorsement of information available on these sites. Just because I trade doesn't mean you should. There is no easy method or magic formula, only hard work, preparation, and patience.

*  Voice Chat
*  CyberCorp: Voice Chat    Occupied daily during market hours
*  CyberCorp: Training Voice Chat    Only occupied during training classes
*  Darrell's Voice Chat Room    Only occupied when I ask people to meet me there

*  Connectivity Diagnosis
*  Internet Traffic Report
*  Bandwidth Speed Test

*  Specific Tools
*  Smart Money Map of the Market
*  CyberCorp Online Forum via Silicon Investor

*  Technical Analysis
*  Big Charts
*  Big Easy Investor
*  Clear Station

*  Research
*  CyberCorp Market Info
*  MSN Money Central
*  Nasdaq Trader
*  Quicken
*  Smart Money
*  Yahoo Finance

*  Opinions and Consensus
*  Day Traders Online
*  Equity Alert
*  Hard Right Edge
*  Silicon Investor

*  Education at Online Trading Academy
Despite its cheesy name, Online Trading Academy (OTA) offers two excellent courses. I attended both of them. Their instructors are also traders. I cannot imagine even trying to trade without having had this education.

Plus, OTA has arrangements with several direct access brokerages that will refund the entire cost of both courses via commission credits.

The first course is a one week "Boot Camp" where you are introduced to fudamental information about how the electronic market is structured, market participants and their obligations, ECN's and how to use them, various order routing methods, as well as how to read a Nasdaq Level II display.

The second course is two weeks long and teaches you even more about reading Level II, more about order routing and why some order routing methods are better than others depending on market conditions, and technical charting techniques.

OTA is located in beautiful sunny Southern California, making it a wonderful place to visit for at least several weeks.

The courses are worth every penny! And OTA will let you retake the course for free until you feel comfortable with the information. (And one of the nearby hotels with an OTA corporate rate has free drinks during happy hour Monday through Thursday. *smile*)

*  OTA Main Page    Tell them you were referred by "Darrell Dieringer"
*  OTA Links Page
*  OTA Stock Jockey Newsletter Index
*  OTA Training Room Web Cam    automatically refreshes every 20 seconds
*  Day Traders Radio    (11:00am - noon M,W,F on KBZS 1220am and on the Web)

*  Direct Access Brokerages
The brokerages listed below all offer some method of direct access to the Nasdaq stock market. These are not web-based brokerages. Instead, they provide you with software designed to receive and transmit market information via the internet.

There had been two main providers of this day trading software. CyberCorp authored the software called "Cyber Trader". Townsend Analytic authored the software called "Real Tick". Though both software packages are designed to perform the same task, each has its unique benifits and drawbacks.

"Cyber Trader" was designed with heavy emphasis on keyboard operation of the software. Recently they have added more mouse functionality while retaining all the keyboard shortcuts. This helps it compete with "Real Tick" platforms that were designed to be used primarily with the mouse.

Many of the brokerages listed below will undoubtedly offer trading software based on either "Cyber Trader" or "Real Tick". Recently, TradeScape and TradeCast have developed their own proprietary trading software.

*  CyberCorp    Tell them you were referred by "Domovoi, LLC"
*  Digital Trading
*  GRO Trader
*  MB Trading
*  Momentum Securities
*  Noble Trading
*  TradeCast
*  TradeScape

*  Data Providers
The direct access brokerages listed above will almost certainly provide a real time data feed for use in your trading. However, the Level II data is available from third party sources independent of a trading platform.

*  Data Trans Network - DTNIQ
*  eSignal
*  QCharts

Last Edited 04/19/2000 by Darrell Dieringer