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  • Are you the guy who did Hamster Dance?
    • NO! Though this site and all the other "dancing thing" sites you've probably ever seen were undoubtedly inspired by that original site, I am in no way affiliated with them. The only sites I've written are the ones you will find in this FAQ, so don't send me hate mail about any of the - shall I say - "not-so-politically-correct" sites. They aren't mine and I don't know the authors.

  • I use Netscape. How come I'm having difficulties viewing your site?
    • There are differences in the way Netscape and Internet Explorer interpret HTML (the language in which web pages are written). I designed this site using Internet Explorer. Though I have tried to ensure cross-platform compatibility as much as possible, I may not have gotten everything right. Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser, or try using Internet Explorer.

  • Can I get the newest browser versions from you?
    • NO! Both Netscape and Internet Explorer are free directly from their authoring companies:
    • Netscape

    • Microsoft

  • Do you have any other "dancing thing" sites?
    • Yes! Some may be under development, though, so be sure to check back:
    • Credit Dance

    • Eye Dance

    • Comdom Dance - not yet available

  • Why did you make these sites?
    • I wrote these sites just for fun. I happened to stumble across a couple of the "dancing thing" sites one weekend and thought to myself, "Hey, I can do that." So I did. I scoured the Internet for images that I could animate. These sites represent my twisted labors. Plus, it gave me a chance to experiment with animated GIF's, embeded audio, and browser-specific JavaScript. Then I thought they might become popular, so the advertising you see on them might prove worthwhile (see below).

  • Will you make a site for me?
    • NO! These things are (or should be to some extent) an expression of your own creativity, however limited that may be.

  • Are you going to maintain a list of other "dancing thing" sites?
    • I have no plans to do that, as it has been done by many many others. As you stumble across other "dancing thing" sites, read their FAQ's and look for the lists their authors have compiled.

  • What are the ads for at the bottom of the page?
    • Those banners are for advertising companies that will pay you to surf the Internet. It only sounds odd until you take the time to read more about it. The business model of those companies will begin to make sense. Click Here for more information about such companies. Yes, I am a member of all the companies represented on that page.

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    My "Dancing Thing" Sites
    [ Credit Dance ] [ Eye Dance ]

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