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3DSFormat.blend contains an incredibly useful Python script for importing and exporting *.3ds meshes for Blender.

Authoring credit belongs entirely to Mikado of the Blender community.

After searching the discussion forums and finding numerous references to a utility that could convert *.3ds meshes (widely available from various online sources) into Blender format, I attempted to find it. However, the site where the author was hosting the utility is now offline. After finally tracking down a copy of the file, I took it upon myself to make it available to everyone else. My appologies in advance if I'm inappropriately stepping on anyone's toes. No harm or foul is intended.

Authoring credit belongs entirely to Mikado of the Blender community.

Install Python
Blender version 2.04 is designed to work with Python 1.5.2. Therefore, this utility will not work at all if a more recent version of Python is installed.
Download the utility
This is a 39K Zip archive containing only the utility. When you click on the link, you will be taken to's "You're downloading a file hosted by us..." page. From there you are able to download the actual archive.
Configure the library directory
In order for the utility to work, the scripts must know the location of the Python library directory. In the "Import our libraries" section of the scripts, make sure to change the path as appropriate for your system.
Run the Utility
Press <ALT-P> to run the utility. Watch for messages in the Blender shell window - not the Blender application window.
Import Troubles

I was unable to convert *.3ds files that reside in the same directory as the utility. I think (but do not know for sure) that this may have to do with the way OpenGL handles file locking when Blender uses its file selection window (that you naturally needed to use when you opened 3DSFormat.blend). After specifying an appropriate file, the utility told me that the file didn't exist or was in use by another application.

The workaround is to move the utility or the *.3ds file into a different directory. After doing this, you must use the fully-qualified path to the *.3ds file when specifying it in the utility's GUI.

(This problem may be unique to WinNT. If you don't have this problem on other platforms, all the better for you. *smile*)

That's all - Happy Blending!
  Again, authoring credit belons entirely to Mikado. Please direct any questions to the author.


Last Updated: 12/22/2000 @ 1:20am